• About Us

    TEACH helps educators create safe, calm learning environments for students. TEACH offers intensive training and coaching in de-escalation, conflict resolution, and building the self confidence of each student. Simply put, an investment in classroom culture and classroom management can increase the value of any other investment in education.

    Our approach gets results: 93% of teachers in the program find that TEACH strategies help them more easily manage small student incidents without escalating them into major disciplinary problems.

  • Inaugural "Huddle Up for TEACH" Scores a Touchdown!

    The room was packed on the second floor of Saint Arnold’s Brewery for the inaugural Huddle Up for TEACH event on Tuesday night. Guests mixed and mingled while sipping brews and celebrating Taco Tuesday with Houston’s newest food craze, Tacodeli.

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  • Be a Part of the TEACH Team

    POSITION TITLE: Educational Coach

    Do you have a passion for education? Do you want the work you’re doing to have a lasting impact? Do you feel like you have a perspective and voice to contribute? If so, it sounds like TEACH is where you belong! TEACH envisions a world in which school is a safe place of learning for every student.  We are expanding our reach and growing our team! We are looking for educators who have a solid base of experience and skills to contribute to a growing team of coaches and trainers.

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  • Become a TEACH School

    If you would like to download an application for TEACH services, please do so here.  Please also read and sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

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