TEACH by the Numbers

TEACH will benefit over 8,000 students in the Houston Independent School District in the 2016-2017 school year, working in a total of ten schools. In the upcoming school year, TEACH will benefit 50+ administrators and 400+ teachers. During the 2015-2016 school year, TEACH serviced 7 HISD schools with 275 teachers and 33 administrators who in turn served 5,576 students. 

TEACH works exclusively with low-income students in HISD, as measured by the percentage of students on the federally funded free and reduced lunch program.  On average, 90 percent of students in TEACH schools are considered "low-income" and receive free or reduced lunch prices.  

TEACH schools' student demographics can be broken down to 53% Hispanic and 42% African-American.

Last year, TEACH schools reported decreases in suspension rates ranging between 39% to 81%.  Notably, two of our seven TEACH schools reported an 81% decrease in suspension rates. 

TEACH survey results show that 92% of teachers believe TEACH strategies have made a difference in their classroom.  

90% of teachers agree that it is easier to gain and maintain student attention using TEACH strategies.  

85% of teachers believe they can more easily handle small student incidents without escalating into major disciplinary problems.  More specifically, our two middle schools reported statistics of 97% and 100% while our high school reported 100%.

95% of parents in TEACH’s parent program stated that they would recommend TEACH to other parents.

An August 2016 TEACH survey reported the following results to this survey question:  “The training was relevant to the needs to this campus”:
  • 100% agree: Mading Elementary, Mitchell Elementary, Attucks Middle
  • 98% agree: Tinsley Elementary
  • 97% agree: Walnut Bend Elementary
  • 95% agree: Furr High