Markeesha Zigbuo, Educational Coach

A Little Bit About Markeesha:  

Markeesha Zigbuo has dedicated 15 years to educating children grades Kindergarten through 8 in Minneapolis, MN and surrounding areas. Her professional journey has afforded experiences and opportunities in collaborating with families, colleagues, churches, and community leaders and  members in work to close the Achievement Gap in Education.

Markeesha enjoys traveling, spending time with family and friends, ZUMBA, and listening to music.

Favorite Teacher:   

Markeesha'a favorite teacher is Mrs. Geraldine Johnson. She was blessed to have Mrs. Johnson for 5th and 6th grade. Mrs. Johnson was Markeesha's first "mirror" of herself as a teacher. She was an African-American woman, from Texas, who exemplified strength and wisdom. You knew that your only options were to strive for excellence and hunger for knowledge. Markeesha's aunt, Paulleana Kemp also played a pivotal role in her life as an educator. Ms. Kemp dedicated 37 years to educating children preschool to 6th grade. She remains a mentor of Markeesha to this day.

Favorite Education Quote:

"Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community better than you found it." - Marion Wright Edelman


Favorite SuperHero:

Markeesha's favorite superhero is Wonder Woman. She's a fierce example of who Markeesha strives to be: Strong, Intelligent, and Confident. Plus she packs a lot of power in those very cool bracelets! 😀