Markesha Wattree, Educational Coach

A Little Bit About Markesha:  


Before joining the TEACH staff, Markesha worked in education for nine years within the KIPP Houston and Houston ISD school systems.

She has also used her knowledge of curriculum to help create an etiquette program for young girls. Markesha obtained her Master of Science degree in Curriculum and Instruction for the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

In her spare time, Markesha enjoys ziplining, traveling, and finding new adventures around the city.


Favorite Teacher:   

Markesha’s favorite teacher was her 6th grade teacher, Ms. Beverly McWashington. Ms.McWashington was one of the first teachers who pushed Markesha to strive for excellence and go beyond mediocrity. Markesha admired the way she was able to encourage and motivate all students. Ms. McWashington inspired Markesha to join the education world.


Favorite Education Quote:

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." ~Benjamin Franklin


Favorite SuperHero:

Markesha's favorite superhero is the Wolverine.