Jasmine Lynch, Educational Coach

A Little Bit About Jasmine:  

Jasmine just might be one of “Most Positive People You’ll Ever Meet.”

Years of Experience: She has over 5 years of experience in education in the areas of subbing, tutoring, teaching, and leading.


Jasmine keeps herself busy in her spare time with hobbies such as DIY Projects, Doodling, Learning Fun Facts, and most importantly...Singing (Not that she sounds good, but she sounds HAPPY!)


Favorite Teacher:   

Jasmine was blessed to have a host of amazing educators and definitely has a hard time choosing one favorite. According to her, it’s a draw Mrs. Atkinson or Mrs. Knouse. Mrs. Atkinson was her fifth grade teacher who believed in Jasmine’s superpowers way before she, herself, knew they existed. Her belief in Jasmine shaped the educator that Jasmine is today. Mrs. Knouse, her social studies teacher, was the greatest with dealing with those real world “6th grade” melodramas. Mrs. Knouse opened her doors to Jasmine every afternoon, providing her with wisdom and banana flavored “Now & Laters”.  


Favorite Education Quote:

Jasmine’s philosophy is to meet people where they are and they will inevitably rise to where they need to be.  “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” ~Aristotle


Favorite SuperHero:

Growing up, Jasmine’s childhood superheroes changed like the weather but for now she will settle for the Yellow and Pink Rangers from Power Rangers.