Shevonne Hemphill, Professional Development Coordinator

A Little Bit About Shevonne:  

Shevonne has been in education since January 2005. She has taught in the private sector of Atlanta, GA and in Houston ISD for 10 years. When not teaching she enjoys writing Christian poetry, listening to water at the beach, cooking for friends and family.


Favorite Teacher:   

Shevonne’s favorite teacher was Dr. AJ Stovall. He taught her what it takes to be an effective teacher. By example, he honored his family, he respected his students and was respected nationally by fellow educators and leaders.  At a pivotal point, when she was about to fail out of college, he challenged her to change her major from Mass Communication to Political Science/Pre-Law. He mentored her to be a confident learner and indirectly encouraged her into education.


Favorite Education Quote:

"The only limitations in life are the ones you set" ~ Unknown


Favorite Superhero:

Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats....Hoooooooo!!!!