Wonderful Testimonial from Tinsley Elementary!

This is a wonderful testimonial from a 5th grade teacher at Tinsley Elementary:  


Mr. Barragato,
Thank you for bringing the TEACH program to Tinsley Elementary during Thursday's PLC. The instructors brought a joy to the teaching that is not present in most workshops. Although we only had 45 minutes with the instructors, I felt as though each topic covered was done so with precision. I left Thursday's PLC happy and excited, knowing that thepast 45 minutes was put to good use and not wasted.  Three topics presented stood out for me: voice inflection during instruction, not addressing all problems that occur at the same time, and using fluid language that allows the student to know they are always capable of more.

After the training during PLC, I instantly tried to implement what
knowledge I had gained. I can honestly say within 2 1/2 days time I
already notice a change in attention with some students, and others responding more positively due to my change in language. I appreciate you and your administration for bringing, in my opinion, a wonderful teaching tool to Tinsley Elementary.


Melissa Fahey
Fifth Grade Teacher
Eleanor Tinsley Elementary School