Our Model

Leadership Support

TEACH provides training for principals and leadership teams.  It all starts at the top.  

Training for Staff

TEACH works with teachers in small group sessions designed to give them practical strategies that enhance classroom management.  


Coaching Support

TEACH provides each teacher with an individual coach to help educators implement new skills at their own pace, in their own classroom. Sessions take place in each teacher’s classroom, are strictly confidential, and serve as a genuine resource of support.


Tuesday Tips from TEACH

Educators want evidence that what they learn is effective when used with student populations similar to the ones they teach. Educators can subscribe to our Tuesday Tips from TEACH and receive weekly videos of real HISD teachers effectively using TEACH skills in the classroom. Teachers report that this is one of our most effective ways to reinforce strategies introduced during training and practiced during coaching.


Parent Workshops

TEACH parent workshops educate the parents on TEACH skills, while also transferring the skills from the school to the home environment.