Susan D. Sarofim

Susan Sarofim is the owner and CEO of Brooke Staffing Companies, 1989 to present, located in New Orleans and Houston and is the owner and CEO of New Orleans Auction Galleries, 2012 to present. Susan has focused most of her business knowledge and capabilities on education efforts, starting as a speaker in the New Orleans public school system. She is a founding member of Each One Save One, a mentoring program in New Orleans as well as a co-founder of To Educate All Children.


Mary Stallings Yenik

Mary Yenik has been doing professional development with teachers and administrators for more than 50 years.  As a teacher, business owner, and nonprofit executive, she has continually searched for proven ways to support educators, especially those who work in high-need environments.  Mary’s content includes a strong emphasis on nonverbal strategies for creating a positive climate in the school and classroom.