To Educate All Children (TEACH), formerly known as Knowledge Arts Foundation (KAF), was founded in 2005 by business leader Susan Sarofim and lifelong educator Mary Yenik. With Susan’s career background in the staffing industry, and with Mary’s expertise in training educators and corporate leaders, these two women realized that no one has tougher sales work or a more important clientele than a teacher. It’s the teacher who moves the educational system from pre-K to the job market.

Many students in the United States face serious barriers to education. While teachers cannot alleviate poverty or even affect lack of parental involvement, they can work to create calm classrooms, reduce disciplinary actions, and increase their teaching time. A safe and stable school environment is crucial for students that may not experience safety or stability anywhere else in their worlds.

Far easier said than done, creating calm classrooms and schools requires practice, experience, and an unwavering commitment and belief in the students. TEACH provides educators with intensive trainings on classroom management, focusing on areas such as de-escalation, conflict resolution, building students’ self-image, and nonverbal communication.

TEACH has operated in both Louisiana and Texas schools. For the past several years, it has concentrated its efforts exclusively in the Houston Independent School District where it is serving ten schools for the 2016-2017 school year.